GFOAT Post-Institute Workshops

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PFIA (Public Funds Investment Act)

(separate fee of $140 per day)

After the GFOAT Spring Institute, the Center for Public Management and GFOAT will sponsor a Public Funds Investment Act workshop at the Renaissance Austin Hotel. The treasurer, chief financial officer (if the treasurer is not the chief financial officer), and investment officer must attend at least one training session, ten hours in length, within 12 months after taking office.  For municipal and school investment officers, the training requirements are reduced to eight hours of instruction every two years after the initial training session.  PFIA Sec. 2256.008 A new two-year training cycle began on September 1, 2016. Completion of this two-part workshop satisfies this requirement. 

Tuesday, April 17
12:30–5:30 p.m.
[Wedgwood Ballroom]
Come early for lunch served at Noon in the meeting room.

Wednesday, April 18
9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.
[Wedgwood Ballroom]


Influencing Behavior and Impacting Results: People Working Together in an Emotional Economy 

 (separate fee of $150)

Tuesday, April 17
1:00–5:00 p.m.
[Ballroom B]

Participants will complete an online questionnaire and receive a personal Lumina Spark assessment—an awareness tool of great value to any municipal employee, as it:

  • Includes an explanation of the assessment of your traits and behaviors
  • Highlights what you do naturally and don’t do naturally, and shines a light on your blind spots and where you get stuck
  • Helps you value diversity while working with people opposite to your personality and people who are similar to your personality, and helps you see yourself in others
  • Facilitates a better way to speed-read the people you work with—both colleagues and citizens • Guides you on how to better fulfill your responsibilities while maintaining professional neutrality

As finance officers, we are being asked daily to make decisions, problem solve, and build relationships.  Finance officers impact every area of the city both internally and externally.  As we work within our cities, there are some days that require us to be resilient in our communication style as we flex between being fair, firm, and friendly.

During the post conference working session we will:

  1. Specifically see how we make decisions, problem solve, and build relationships
  2. See our communication style blind spots that could be causing blind behaviors with diverse personalities
  3. Measure what we behave like when we are overextended/stressed
  4. Learn what our situational awareness is and if we flex correctly from situation to situation
  5. Diagnose how well we intelligently regulate our emotional energy
  6. Assess as to how naturally we are soft on the people (care personally) and hard on the problem (challenge directly)
  7. Become aware of our three persona’s (underlying, everyday, overextended) and how we behave differently in each one

Our time together we will be informing, involving and inspiring to ensure that the best day we ever have in our role is one that is still out ahead of us.

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